Posts 2021 Fireworks Over Denver - Aerial View

2021 Fireworks Over Denver - Aerial View

July 4, 2020

Last year (2020) was one of the first years in recent memory that I did not go out and see the fireworks. However, it was almost as if the fireworks came to me. Normally I’m with family out in the wilderness, but in 2020 I was with roommates at home in the city. The pandemic changed a lot of things and this was no exception.

As the sun went down, fireworks began to go off in all directions all around me in Denver. I took the drone up to get a better viewpoint and was mesmerized! I vowed to be more prepared next year and to properly capture what I was seeing.

... One year later ...

July 4, 2021

After being mesmerized by the fireworks throughout Denver last year (2020), this year I wanted to make sure I captured it.

Per usual I was completely unprepared: I had a new drone still in its packaging (RIP to my old drone), had yet to buy a new memory card, only had one battery fully charged, and was unsure how to get to my desired filming location. Although the odds were against me, I scrambled and set out on an adventure.

After parking too far away from the American flag and having spotty connection (almost lost my drone… again), I repositioned myself and managed to shoot some footie until my batteries were all out of juice. While I arrived quite late, over a half an hour past sunset (9:30PM), luckily the kind people shooting off the fireworks went until past 10:30PM and gave me plenty of time to capture it.

I’m fairly pleased with how it all turned out! 🎆


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