How much do I make with a 200 subscriber channel???

GIF of my YouTube channel's live subscriber count hitting 200

Girls gossiping over Matt having a 200 subscriber YouTube channel


Many people have been asking me1, “Matt, now that you’re a big wig on YouTube with a massive 200 subscriber base, how much dough are you bringing in?”

And while that’s a complicated question with many moving parts, the long story short is, still…… ✨ nothing ✨



So I guess there’s a little bit more to the story. The good news is, whenever I link to an item that is on Amazon, I will use a referral link. Anytime someone clicks on that link and purchases the item, I will get a cut of the profit. In total, I have made $6.16… pretty good!

Receipt of my $6.16 in earnings from Amazon's affiliate program Receipts from my big payday

Now the bad news is, Amazon has shut down my affiliate account because I don’t have the minimum number of subscribers to be in the affiliate program. So… I guess I’m back to the drawing board.

Receipt of getting rejected from Amazon's affiliate program DJ Khaled voice: “They don’t want us to win!

I’ll give you all the next update at 1,000 subscribers 🤞





  1. Not a single person has asked me this… 🥺 

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